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We are 'working' every single day to save the abandoned, neglected, starved and abused. Please visit and like our facebook page to see the constant flow of animals that need our help and progress that we are making! Please donate anything you can to assist us with our constant veterinary bills, food, supplies, gas, etc. in order for us to continue our 'work'. Thank you for your support. 

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
Josh Billings



Since July, 2015 we have spayed and neutered hundreds of animals belonging to community members in rural areas unable to afford the surgeries on their own.

Most of these animals already had at least one litter or contributed to multiple litters. We were able to end the cycle of puppies and kittens being given away for free without vaccines or medical care.

This program is ongoing and requires funding to continue on a daily basis.



Stewart, TN Fire Case

Ongoing as of April 25, 2018

As some of you know we have a rescue mission under way for over 25 cats.
A few weeks ago, an elderly man, in a wheel chair, had an explosion in his home, causing a fire. He ended up losing his life as well as the life of his dog, due to injuries. This man had such a good heart, he never turned away an animal in need. He couldn't do much but he did what he could. With what little money he, he fed approximately 25 cats, most were feral and could not be touched, but he did right by providing them with food and water, because even though his life was tough, he cared deeply about the lives of others.

Now, these cats he cared for, are alone, many have injuries from the explosion and most are feral, they will never be able to be re-homed, BUT we can make a difference. We can spay, neuter and vet these cats, so they don't become sick or reproduce more unwanted cats. The community has agreed to continue feeding these cats in honor of the generous, kindhearted man, who cared so much.

We have already begun trapping, spaying/neutering/vaccinating these cats (thank you Cherie) and releasing them back on the property. We cannot adopt these cats out but we can make sure they are vetted and healthy. Although they may never know a home life, they know the life they have and their life does matter.

So here is where we need your help. This project is already underway and we'd like to help your make a difference and honor this man, who tried so diligently to make their lives better. We will be posting photos of individual cats and would like to ask for sponsorship of each cat to provide the vetting they so greatly need. We will provide the links and phone numbers in which to make the donations. if you would just like to make a general donation, please do so here. Average cost is $40-$50 per cat.

We know we say it over and over but THANK YOU for your support. Thank You seems so simple for all you do for RARE and the the animals we care for, but we know just a simple act of grace, lets you know you do matter and you do make a difference. <3


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The Animal Doctor of Camden
310 Highway 641 N
Camden, Tennessee 38320
(731) 213-2555
(Trisha Crowley-Rural Animal Rescue Effort account)

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**completed november 2015**

Roofs for Woofs!

The Story

Karin' 4 Kritters is a rural outdoor dog shelter/rescue with 47 dogs in west Tennessee. They are in an area where 'dumping' dogs on the side of the roads or throwing them over the fence at the shelter is a regular occurrence. The dogs only have old dog houses and old, rusted chain link panels for their kennels. Even in the south, temperatures drop below zero with freezing rain and hail. The old dog houses that are currently there provide very little protection from the elements.

This project is to provide roofing for the kennels for protection of the elements and create a safer environment for the puppies and dogs while they are at the shelter. It takes a lot of money to house, feed and provide medical care for these dogs. Unfortunately, new panels and roofing is beyond this shelter's means. Please donate anything you can so we can get roofing up before winter!