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Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE) is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization with a mission to rescue neglected and abandoned animals in the most rural areas of Tennessee, finding fosters and adopters in more populated/metropolitan areas, and provide spay/neuter assistance for pet owners in the most rural areas of Tennessee to reduce the extreme overpopulation of companion animals.


We are dedicated to increasing education and awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering companion animals in order to reduce overpopulation and finding fosters and adopters for homeless animals, specifically in rural shelters and pounds. Our focus is in the rural west and middle regions of Tennessee.


In addition to finding foster care and adopters for the animals in need, we also network with other non-profit organizations when we are at capacity. RARE depends on adoption fees and donations for veterinary care, including but not limited to: vaccines, heart-worm tests, heart-worm preventatives, and spays and neuters.


For those who are not active in the animal rescue world, there are tens of thousands of companion animals, mainly dogs and cats, killed every single day across the United States. Although there are animals in need everywhere across the country, rural areas seem to have the worst cases of companion animal overpopulation and abandonment for a plethora of reasons. Most of the animals that sit in rural shelters or pounds are more commonly euthanized. This is due to the lack of space, time and money it takes to care for them and unfortunately, the majority of these animals are highly adoptable and friendly with children and other animals.


We are asking that you help us give them their chance at the life they deserve. It takes time to accomplish change, but every stride in the right direction is worth taking. 

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